How to continue your health journey after finishing a detox program

Imagine this: It's January, you're coming back from a beautiful ski trip in Switzerland or Japan, maybe you're coming back from home where you saw the family, or you're coming back from a fascinating journey through Southeast Asia. The fact is: you are back.  

School resumes. There is a ton of laundry to be done. Vacations are over.  You had the most beautiful time, completely immersed in over-eating, enjoying wonderful wine and cooking and baking with the kids. You feel happy and content with your life, but you also know that you ate too much.  You may have picked up a few kilograms or feel your stomach is a little more "squishy." Ugh!  You decide to go for a run but then get caught up with something at home. Running is postponed until the next day. Finally, two days later, you go out for that run and realize it's way harder than it was two weeks ago. That's it. You have to do something. It's January and you're going to do a cleanse...

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