Teach kindness to your family and increase their happiness and mental health

Last Wednesday; I went to my regular morning run. I was running alone and keeping a "distance" from other sports enthusiasts. There was a point in the path that narrowed a lot. A lot less than the 1,5 meters distance we're supposed to keep from each other.  There were bushes to each side. I kept running, enjoying the views.

A little further down the way, I could see a guy standing. He was with his dog: a big, white, fluffy dog.
We saw each other, and I began to slow down. I didn't know if I had to step out the path to avoid him and risk of falling into the bushes, or if he was going to move. He immediately went out of the way to give me space to run through, cracked a smile and said "good morning". To which I replied: "good morning, and thank you!" With a big smile on my face. This small gesture made me feel connected in some way, and I realised how a small gesture of kindness makes a big difference. 

The current situation in which most of the world has been living;...

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