6 Lifestyle Strategies To Feel Your Best During Peri-Menopause

Peri-Menopause and Menopause can make you wonder if your body is going crazy. But what many women don’t realize is that they do have some control over these symptoms. 

An exercise routine, along with a nutritious diet, can help in controlling these awful symptoms. 

Some symptoms you may or may not experience are:


Due to lower estrogen levels, you will not be able to hold your urine for long periods. You may have to pee more often, get more bladder infections, and have trouble controlling your bladder as pelvic muscles weaken due to aging.

What can help:

  • Exercises from a pelvic physiotherapist to rehabilitate and prevent stress incontinence (when physical stress — such as coughing, sneezing, or laughing — causes an involuntary loss of urine)

  • Staying hydrated, peeing after sex, and supplementing a simple, safe carbohydrate known as D-mannose dramatically reduces bladder infections

Body Composition:

Changing hormones can lead to a lowering...

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Do burpees make you dizzy?

Burpees are a whole-body exercise that requires you to go from a standing position to a plank position, all while doing the changes with a jump and a squat.

As with any exercise, I tell my clients that if they feel dizzy, they should look for the source of their dizziness and why this happens. And immediately find a substitution exercise. The purpose of any training is to improve weight, performance, speed, and if there is a specific exercise that hurts or makes them feel sick or dizzy, they should always find a substitution or regression. If at any point, there is some continued discomfort or pain that progresses or goes beyond a few classes, then it’s vital to get it checked with a doctor to find out the source of the pain.

A lot of clients have mentioned that they become dizzy while doing a burpee, and I find this is more common than they realize.

Reasons why you could be feeling dizzy:

  1. Age and Menopause: As we grow older, specifically between the age of 40-60, we begin...

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Do You Feel Your Hormones Are Controlling Your Weight?

If you feel stuck in your weight, this article is for you. 9 main hormones are controlling your weight. I'm not going to go all sciency on you, but you should know that these hormones can make you feel weird during peri-menopause. Either help you gain or lose weight. Research shows that hormones can influence your appetite and weight. So, I'm going to explain simple natural fixes you can do to control your hormones and lose weight.

A lot of women feel depressed and go around their daily life with low self-esteem because they can't control gaining weight. Even when they think they're doing the right thing, the weight keeps coming. This weight gain affects their mood- because they're always feeling anxious and stressed about it- and end up being easily triggered by the people closest to them. Their attitude ends up affecting their relationship with family, partners, and work colleagues.

At some point, they might even throw the towel and give up. Start telling themselves, "I don't...

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4 Strategies To Help Overcome Emotional Eating

We're living in a new binging culture. Most of us are guilty of enjoying one too many Netflix marathons and weekend shopping sprees. The same applies to our relationship with food. We can easily give ourselves another reason to have a second slice of cake. Maybe it's cold outside? A long day at work? Some bad news? Overindulging on food in these instances is a common behavior, but there are ways we can kick this habit into touch.


Emotional, environmental and physical triggers


Improving our diet is not only about eating less. It's also about recognizing the reasons we overeat. An extra portion of fries may be the result of being overworked. Or another helping of chocolate cake might be due to boredom. It's important to take the time to ask yourself, what triggers you to overeat?


Everyone who overeats is not hungry, a lot of them are filling an emotional problem with more food than they need. Other common reasons to over-eat include poor relationships,...

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What Are Your Health Goals In Life? 4 Tips To Help You Achieve Them...

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2020

What have you've always dreamt of achieving if you had no limits?


I always dreamt of being able to help others in some way, run a race, have a wonderful family, and be able to travel the world. Little by little, I have been able to achieve all of these goals, including helping women look and feel their best for over the last ten years. 


It wasn't easy. It meant I had to set up a plan, fall many times, get up again, and always be kind to myself. 


So, this is me! What about you? Perhaps you want to be able to beat those afternoon sugar cravings, stop smoking, lose those 5kgs, start meditation every morning.


By now, I have had so many experiences and have had so many relationships that have carved me into the person I am today. In every experience, I had to make a choice. These choices made me who I am today. The same goes for all of us.   


So why are some people stuck at achieving their goals, and others seem to be...

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Delicious Flourless Muffins

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2020

Wanna try a new recipe that kids will love? These delicious muffins are made in less than 30 minutes and they're loved by the small and big people of the house! 


Untitled design (4).png

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