ALL Carbs Make You Fat: Myth Or Truth?

I'm not eating carbs.

It's making me gain weight.

I hear this ALL.THE. TIME.  When you reach your 40's, you have to consider changing your nutrition. Yet,  ditching the carbs is not the solution to your problems.

With all the  NO-CARB diets trends out there, it's widespread to see this statement pop up everywhere.

Well, I'm here to tell you that not ALL carbs -or carbohydrates- are making you fat.


You've been neglecting your delicious pasta, cakes, and croissants for no reason?!

Before you go and hit the pastry shop, you got to hear me out.

Let me begin by saying that carbs are not all created equal. The process they go through in your body will be different depending on what carb you're eating. The truth is that they all end up turning into glucose. AKA energy source for your body.

You have to look for is: what are they bringing to your plate?

When you talk about carbs, you need to understand that not all carbs are the same. You can find complex and simple carbs. Here's where you want to pay attention:

Unless you are a high-performance athlete or underweight woman, you want to stick with the complex type.  This type comes from whole-food sources like vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains. They tend to keep us fuller for longer. Nutrients fill complex carbs keep your engine running for longer.  Think of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and water. You will have more energy. Think clearly and sharply. They will not make you fat.

Do you know how you can keep eating a bag of chips once you open it?

Does it seem like you never fill full?

This is because of the simple carbs. Stay away as much as you can from them. High processed, refined carbs have little nutrient content. Instead, you find high amounts of sodium, chemicals-like flavorings, and transfats- in simple carbs.  They are the ones that can cause fluctuation to your blood sugar and insulin. Plus, they never fill you up. You end up eating more, feeling low on energy, lazy, and gaining weight.

ALL CARBS DON'T MAKE YOU FAT. As long as you eat the complex kind and stick to your whole-food sources, you will be fine. You may lose some extra fat as well.

Excess calories, whereas it is in the form of protein, carbs, or fat, are responsible for making you gain weight.

Not eating any carbs means that you're stripping your body of essential and fundamental nutrients. You will also feel sluggish and tired. Experience brain fog. Suffer from constipation. Not good.

So, make sure you chose the right type of carbs. Stick to an adequate quantity of calories for your body type, lifestyle, and activity level. 

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